International Literacy Day Resources for Your Kids

Literacy is the key to success in education and professional aspirations along with familial and interpersonal relationships. It opens up doors to opportunity, is essential to elevating one’s quality of life, and fosters compassion for others. Recognizing this, UNESCO declared the International Literacy Day in 1967 with a clear mission in mind:

“To remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights, and to advance the literacy agenda towards a more literate and sustainable society.” (UNESCO)

With the International Day of Literacy (September 8) coinciding with the beginning of the new school year, parents may be tempted to lean on educators to provide their kids with tools to get them excited about reading on this special day. They may, especially if they are one of the growing number of schools across Canada participating in the Plant a Seed – Read! program. That said, we encourage you to be more proactive and outfit your kids with reading materials and workbooks that they can also enjoy at home and in the yard. Our Foundation is here to support you too! Below are links to resources that you can use to celebrate the International Day of Literacy with your children.

Plant a Seed & See What Grows Resources Your Household Can Use to Get Your Kids Excited About Reading this International Day of Literacy (and beyond)

Recommended Children’s Books

Plant a Seed & See What Grows

This is the book that started it all, kicking off a number of exciting learning program initiatives for the Foundation and partner schools. Authored by Roland Gahler, this children’s book will teach your child about their magical connection with nature through the simple act of planting and nurturing a seed. You can support our causes by purchasing the book here, or download the PDF for free.

What to Do With What You Grew

This is Roland Gahler’s engaging (and rhyming!) follow-up to the Plant a Seed & See What Grows children’s book. You can support our causes by purchasing the hardcopy here, or download the free PDF.

Recommended Workbooks

Workbooks can be highly effective tools to provide a more immersive reading experience for your kids. Our Foundation has provided educational and entertaining workbooks that will teach them about the process of planting a seed, taking care of it, and watching it grow to nourish your household. We have made them available in English and French for two different primary grade age groups. Access these Seeds of Inspiration workbooks right here.

Fun Activities and Games Too!

Promoting literacy can be all fun and games! By simply reading and following instructions for game-play your kids further develop reading and comprehension skills. Our Foundation has made available enjoyable activities that are inspired by the very same children’s stories that we’ve referenced above. Explore these free games here, along with at-home (and in the yard) activities here in addition to colouring books, puzzles, and printable search & find games.

We hope that you find the above resources for the International Day of Literacy (and beyond) helpful. We also encourage you to share these resources with your extended family, friends, and with any librarians and educators you may know. Help us spread literacy to all children across Canada!