Plant a Seed & See What Grows

We are all interconnected – With one another with our food, with our environment and with our communities. We are what we eat. We are stewards of our land. We are what we contribute to our communities. At Plant a Seed Foundation, we nurture our interconnectivity with one another, with our food, our land and our communities. We are committed to helping others to:

  • Understand and appreciate the seed-to-table cycle
  • Create opportunities for outdoor learning experinces

We further suppport our communities by:

  • Supporting school breakfast programs to nourish young minds
  • Offering scholarships to post-secondary students in botanical and health sciences
  • Assisting disadvantaged communities through our compassionate care program
  • Developing seed preservation programs for our original strains of plants

Help us celebrate our connection to the world… And see what grows. Here’s how you can help. 

Outdoor Learning Experiences

Plant a Seed Foundation provides children the opportunity to experience the seed-to-table cycle through outdoor learning experiences including farm visits.

School & Community Gardens

The Foundation provides funding opportunities for qualified donees that work with schools and communities across Canada to experience the seed-to-table cycle.

Seed Preservation

Plant a Seed Foundation will collaborate and support other charities to promote seed biodiversity, ecological seed production and to keep seeds in the public domain.

School breakfast Programs

Plant a Seed Foundation helps feed kids. Children need to be nourished with great-tasting and healthy breakfasts to learn, participate and play in schools.

Compassionate Care

Plant a Seed Foundation’s Compassionate Care Program helps financially disadvantaged individuals and communities in crisis.

Education Bursary

Plant a Seed Foundation is pleased to help deserving Canadian undergraduate students accomplish their academic aspirations through education bursaries.

Earth Day 2021 Livestreams

Our videos with Mark Cullen and Brian Minter

Growing Mindful Children

Our Video clip from the 2020 Celebration of Greath Health (9 min)


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Help us nurture and celebrate our connection to the world ... And see what grows.