Marvelous things can come from the tiniest of seeds. Witness the quintessential beauty of a buttercup or the power of a mighty oak. Both started with a tiny seed, a little moisture and a spoonful of sunshine.

The same is true with children.

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The simplest of learning experiences can inspire them for a lifetime.  One of the most rewarding experiences for a child is to discover the wonder of gently planting a seed, eagerly waiting for it to sprout, and then excitedly seeing the seedling burst up through the dirt.

It’s mesmerizing. All their senses are captivated. It stirs within them a sense of pride,

accomplishment and a feeling of importance. It’s a priceless moment. Unfortunately, too few children get to live such moments.

It is our commitment to create opportunities for thousands of children to experience first-hand the wonders of the natural world around them.

A starting point is right in the classroom.

Our Seeds of Inspiration Educational Program will provide your school with tools to help engage children in planting activities right in the classroom.

Course Materials

The following course materials are provided at no-charge to Canadian elementary schools. They include: 

Two children’s storybooks:

Plant a Seed & See What Grows

Author: Roland Gahler

What to Do with What You Grew

Author: Roland Gahler

The books are bright and colourful, age appropriate, and encourage youngsters to learn about the awe-inspiring growing cycle of flowers, food plants and trees, which easily leads to discussions about becoming good caretakers of planet earth.

Educational Workbooks

Engage the children in your care with these educational and entertaining workbooks. They will learn about the process of planting a seed, taking care of it and watching it grow into food to nourish friends and family. The workbooks are available in English and French for two different primary grade age groups.

Note: A PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat or Preview for Mac is required to view the workbooks.




Consider these comments of teachers who have implemented the program in their classrooms.

“Last year, I used the ‘Plant a Seed’ unit with my Kindergarten class. The kids loved it. I read the books that were included, and the pictures were vibrant with color. Great books! After we read, all the kids got their own tiny pot with soil and planted their seeds. We placed them on the windowsill and watched them grow. The kids made observations and used the activity books that were provided to draw their pictures etc.  This was a fabulous unit, very useful for Kindergarten students. They learned a lot and at the end, got to take home their plants, (which was their favorite part, I’m sure). 😊 I would definitely use this unit again in the future.”

– Andrea
Kindergarten teacher
Porter Street Elementary, BC

“We were happy to find out there were resources available to help students with their garden project which has been ongoing for the last two years. The Plant a Seed and See What Grows Foundation has provided us with kits for kindergarten to grade 3 students which included workbooks. This helped with various learning objectives, including being able to describe characteristics of different plants. Having these workbooks in a French version was also very helpful since the school is in a French community. Thank you to the Plant a Seed and See What Grows Foundation!

– Mathieu Roy
Agent de développement communautaire
École communautaire Carrefour Étudiant de Beresford

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