Seed Preservation Programs

in Canada

“Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream.” Debby Boone, author

Plant a Seed Foundation supports the following charities to promote seed biodiversity, ecological seed production and to keep seeds in the public domain: Seeds of Diversity and the UBC Botanical Garden – Seed Saving Program.

Why is seed preservation so important? Because the simple act of preserving a seed has a profound impact in our lives. It impacts our land, our food and our health. Good seeds bring good food. Different kinds of good seeds bring crop diversity that ensures the nutrients that we need. Good and diverse kinds of food feed more people. This simple act ensures food security.

In fact, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation’s reported in 2010 that there are now some 1,750 gene banks worldwide, with about 130 of them each holding more than 10,000 additions.

Of the total 7.4 million samples conserved worldwide, national government gene banks conserve about 6.6 million, 45% of which is held in only seven countries, down from 12 countries in 1996.

This increasing concentration of collected and preserved genetic diversity in fewer countries and research centres highlights the importance to ensure access in all countries.

Join our efforts to strengthen existing seed sharing networks, establish new seed banks and help improve food security across Canada. Find out more by emailing us at