Plant a Seed-Read! Program for Natural Health Product Retailers

Tailored to your Community

The Plant a Seed—Read! program provides you, the retailer, with a great opportunity to become engaged with your local library. It’s easy to participate:

  • You are already known and involved in your community
  • You have the community connections to your local public libraries
  • The Foundation has the educational programs and materials to support your efforts
  • Together we can bring the Plant a Seed—Read! program to children through your local libraries.


Reaching out to your local library is easy!

Step 1: Go online to learn more about your local library.
You’ll need to know:

  • Name of the Head Librarian
  • Library’s procedure for donating books
  • Details about “reading corners” or “Story times”
  • How to volunteer to organize reading sessions


Step 2: Visit the librarian and introduce the
Plant a Seed—Read! program

I would like more
information on hosting
a Plant a Seed—Read! session


    Plant a Seed—Read! FAQ
    Resource Materials
    Other Ways to Get Involved

    The important thing is to “make the connection”

    Story Time Branding Opportunities for You

    A “sponsored storytelling time” at your local library could feature your brand:

    • Customize the Plant a Seed—Read! posters with your store brand
    • Wear a tee-shirt with your store’s logo or your retail uniform
    • Volunteer as the storyteller
    • Provide participating families with a free promo item from your store
    • Ask about featuring a product display near the storytelling area (remember to make it kid-friendly and child-safe)

    Create Your Own In-store Reading Corner

    This could become a regular event featuring you or one of your staff as the storyteller:

    • Use our Story Time Package or just order the themed colouring books
    • Promote the event to customers
    • Build a display that features children’s health products
    • Consider doing this once a month or during school “breaks”

    Make the most of your community connections!

    Adopt the Plant a Seed—Read! program

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