How Kids Can Change the World : Part I

How Kids Can Change the World

Our planet is facing a number of challenges, and we cannot isolate children from these concerns. Access to online media has made the latter impossible. Perhaps that’s a good thing, because they are the ones who will lead us into the future. You see, it’s not a question of whether or not children have the ability to make a difference in our interconnected society. Instead, we suggest that the only way the world can change for the better, is through them. For this reason we encourage you to bring your kids into this conversation. Yes, the one you’re reading right now. Below is a holistic look at how kids can change the world with a little guidance from those who are in a position to help.

3 Powerful Steps Kids Can Take to Begin Changing the World Into a Better Place for Future Generations

Lead by Example

This step begins with parents and educators who start and/or get involved in activities and projects that make their community a better place. Children take notice and become inspired to the same, and often on a grander scale as their imaginations know no limits. Taking on leadership roles in school projects is a GREAT way to lead by example, and this example will have a positive impact on on peers:

“We found that peers, who serve as children’s immediate social environment in the school context, have a significant effect on children, and that girls have a particularly consistent effect on both girls’ and boys’ values. In addition, we found that the effect of peers tends to strengthen with age, which highlights the role of children’s development processes in the socialization of values”

National Library of Medicine

Start Today

Ironically, most children aren’t taught about the concept of procrastination until much later in life, when it’s too late and the behavior has already taken hold. Thankfully you’re reading this, together. Procrastination is like an invasive insect (vs beneficial ones) or open flame in a forest that needs to be squashed upon sight. Whatever your family or classroom plan to begin changing the world may be, begin now. That may mean planting a single seed in a garden, drawing a poster for a neighborhood recycling drive, or any other small step. Start today and the world will immediately begin to look like a better place.

Ignore Naysayers

It’s important for kids to learn the word “naysayer” because they will come across many of them through life. A naysayer is someone who tells others that something great can’t be done, despite ability, ambition, and passion. It’s naysayers who state that we can’t change the world. They come in many forms, unfortunately including some grownups who are innately supposed to be supportive of children’s big dreams. Children must learn to ignore them and their attempts to place boundaries on the most whimsical of dreams. How can kids change the world? By knowing that there are no limits.

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