You’ve shown your kids/students that growing a community/school garden is a fun and beneficial outdoor learning experience. But as adults we know that there’s more to it – a call to action that is the only way forward.

In the past, our youth remained blissfully isolated from most current events, but now they’re exposed to an endless digital stream of news. Some of it distorted, some of it on point. The point is, that the time has come to open the lines of communication with youth of all ages. We must connect current events that they’re already hearing about to activities they can partake in today to ensure that they enjoy a bright and healthy future tomorrow. Nowhere is this more apt than with respect to sustainable food production. Drawing upon recent events in Canada, we can show them that by getting involved in school/community farming, they can help us all progress as a society.

Below is a breakdown of which current events you can use to teach your kids this valuable lesson.

3 Recent News Events That Parents and Teachers Can Use to Teach Their Children About the Importance of Community Gardening and Urban Farming

Current Event: Record Breaking Inflation

Canada’s food inflation rate is reaching a four-decade high which is why it leads the news on a seemingly daily basis. Unless your child is a budding economist they may not know what that means, so make help them understand about the impact of inflation rates during a trip to the grocery store. The proof is right there in the prices of the things they love to eat. Fresh fruit and vegetable prices are up nearly 13 and 12 percent, respectively. If they’re wondering why there may be fewer snacks in the pantry at home, inflation is likely to blame. Make it clear what the price of a loaf of bread and bushel of apples was a year ago, and compare it against the labels today.

Once this has been clearly communicated, teach them that by growing their own food, they are instantly empowered against market forces. They can enjoy healthy food for the cost of seeds or seedling and without concern over who or what controls the prices.

Current Event: Supply Chain Disruption

Canadian, and global, supply chains being impacted as global issues continue to limit the supply of goods. This topic is also in the news every day. You can make a direct connection between supply chain disruption and the lack of access to the foods your kids enjoy so that they understand what it all means. All that it takes is another jaunt to the grocery store to show them empty shelves and produce bins for certain items. Supply chain disruption is also evident in the above-mentioned price increases. Once again, you can alleviate their concerns by communicating that they have the power in their hands, and green thumbs! They can reduce reliance on the supply chain by growing food in their own backyard.

Current Event: Ongoing Health Crises

If there’s one news stream you wish they didn’t have to be exposed to every single day – it’s the ongoing health crises around the world. We’re using the plural of “crisis” here because it’s not just the one we’ve lived with for the last 2.5 years, but the constant barrage of other bugs and viruses, or at least the reporting of them. These news reports always conclude with a call to action about pharmaceutical interventions, which leaves our youth with more questions than answers. Your lesson plan regarding the importance of community/school gardening can provide them with at least one answer – that many of the “medicines” they need can be grown by their very own hands.

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