Benefits of Having a Community Garden…as Your Neighbour

Benefits of Community Garden

Do you own the empty plot of land beside your home? If so, have you been considering uses for it? Sure, you could build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) and charge rent, but you don’t really want the hassle of being a landlord, nor do you want it to be considered an open invitation for the in-laws. Instead, you’re wondering if a community garden would be a great fit. Now you’re on to something!

In most municipalities, such as the City of Vancouver BC, property owners don’t require development permits for community gardens. As long as you design the garden based on best practices, you’re all set. That being said, maybe you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should have a gardening gathering place on the other side of your fence. We think it’s a great idea. Below is a breakdown of the benefits of having a community garden placed adjacent to your family home.

4 Benefits of Creating a Community Garden in the Available Property Beside Your Family Home

I. It Helps Fight Food Insecurity in Your Neighborhood

The battle against food insecurity may seem large and far beyond your control. In reality, it starts with tangible initiatives that occur in just one neighbourhood at a time. Even if there is only one home on the block with occupants who have a hard time making ends meet, you can make a huge difference in their lives. The reverberating impact of this can last for generations. For example, a beneficiary household’s children could now have access to nurtious food enabling them to perform better at school and in their extra-circular activities, which can lead to post-secondary opportunities that they may not have had before.

II. Provides a Healthy Activity and Learning Experience for Neighborhood Kids

Knock on the door of every family household in your neighbourhood and survey the parents to ask about what their biggest frustration is with how their kids spend their time. We can all but guarantee that the feedback comes down to them spending too much time on digital screens. Become the parental savior of your neighbourhood by creating a community garden where kids of all ages can visit, participate, decorate, and subsequently learn a wide variety of valuable skills and lessons.

III. Surrounds Your Home and Community with Natural Beauty

Not only will the vibrant colors of the plants and flowers beautify the area adjacent to your home, it will encourage the flora around the entire property to flourish. This is because community gardens are hotbeds for pollinators such as birds and beneficial bugs. They will do their good work not just in the garden, but all around the neighbourhood. As a result, your own yard and neighbouring yards will grow more lush and greener. Curb appeal will skyrocket, and who knows – you may even enjoy a boost in property value because of it!

It Brings the Community Together

Everything we’ve listed above works to bring the neighbourhood together to form a sense of community. You’ll find that as soon as you begin the process, that next door neighbours and others will join in. On the weekends and during summer break, neighbourhood kids will set up lemonade and bake stands, while the area around the garden can play host to yard sales for which proceeds may go to support the garden and other great causes. Within the blink of an eye your small next-door neighbourhood garden may start a sequence of events that leads to a sustainable community that can serve as an example for the entire town and city. Good for you!


Happy Planting :)


Benefits of Community Garden

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